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Date: 2018-02-28 14:31

Hi Rachel. I too want to thank you for your blog, very informatim and reassuing indeed. I have a question which I am hoping you can answer.
I went into labour with my first *censored* naturally. Upon my arrival to the hospital the doctors announced I was not contracting 8775 good enough 8776 and had to be stimulated with syntocin. I 8767 d planned to have my birth as natural and drug-free as possible, needless to say it all went pear shape. I 8767 d been coping with my pains for several hours and thought I was doing fine. After they 8767 d stimulated my contractions, the pains became simply exhausting, I knew I wouldn 8767 t be able to go on like that for long and asked for an epidural. Then all as you describe prolonged second stage, more synto, more epidural, in the end I was asking for c-section or forceps or anything to get the baby out because I simply had run out of energy. I actually managed to avoid both, miraculously, and my girl was fine, got very good apgars 9 and 65, no concerns. But I was so heavily drugged I can hardly remember them putting her on my stomach or how she looked which still really saddens me, because well, this is the best part, isn 8767 t it? To sum up, I did not enjoy it, and feel like I failed as a woman, in a way.. Oh well.
My question to you is this: should I have insisted on carrying on on my own? It is so hard to argue with medics, especially when you 8767 re in labour. I started feeling contractions on monday morning, at 9am on Tuesday (some 68hours later) I was at the hospital, 8cm dilated. Would you say I could have still had the chance to improve my 8775 performance 8776 naturally or is it the kind of time frame when one should get on with it? I know it is hard to answer such questions, I am merely wondering what was all the hurry about. It was a healthy pregnancy, with no complications
The reason for my asking is that I am 5 months into my second pregnancy and having been down the induction road, I do not want to go there again. I have so far expressed my concerns about the EDD (I belive I will be two weeks late) and the response from my MW was that the guidelines are to induce at 95wk+65. I said 8775 There is absolutely no way I am doing that, you can put in my records now 8775 objects to induction 8776 . For a moment she was speechless, but then said that thechoice was mine. Gosh, I felt like I 8767 d won a *censored* war there 🙂 More to come!
Sorry it was such a long message. Thank you very much for your time, I will continue reading your website with pleasure. Kind regards. Maria

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Great article thanks! I 8767 d love to hear your comments/experience with women in my situation. I have a 8766 double 8767 uterus, ie. a completely separate second uterus with a second vagina (not really sure of the correct term as it seems there are all different degrees of the same thing). I have no *censored*ney on my left side, and my left vagina is the 8766 path less travelled 8767 so to speak, hence I have no chance of conception in that side. I had been told, and was kind of expecting, trouble actually conceiving, as I can only really conceive when ovulating from the right ovary, I was also 86 when I decided to go off the pill after half of my life on it. Surprisingly I was pregnant within a couple of months. I was treated as high risk in the early months because doc wasn 8767 t sure how well my right uterus would expand, and how much room was there. I ended up having an amazing pregnancy, worked hard to stay super healthy and fit, gained only 8kg as I was overweight to begin with. At 95+8 my bp shot up and doc advised induction. I was scared as everyone I know who was induced ended up having emergency cs. But I trusted my doc as she was super supportive of all of my plans, and was highly recommended by (and complimentary of) my doula. She always said 8766 women 8767 s bodies know what to do and baby knows where to go, in an ideal birth I 8767 ll only be there to sign the papers 8767 . This attitude is amazing where I live (I 8767 m an Aussie living in Dubai) as birth here is a purely medical process, must happen in hospital with an obstetrician and is full of interventions, most of which seem to me to be for the benefit of the doctor/hospital schedule. I went into hospital the next day and had 8 inductions over the next 8 days, I begged for a 9th in a last attempt to avoid cs, but I just didn 8767 t dilate at all. I also had my acupuncturist come, my doula was with me doing hypnobirthing techniques, acupressure etc, but despite everything I ended up having a cs. I had the most amazing baby boy who I still think of as my *censored* miracle at 69 months old. After his birth my doc said the left useless uterus was pulling so hard on the right one that my right cervix had dislocated and there was no way it could dilate. So I realise I was never going to have had a vaginal birth that time, which is somewhat reassuring as I don 8767 t need to beat myself up over choices made. But I have heard of women with the same physiological setup birthing vaginally. In your experience, would this likely be an issue second time round? Would this be permanent cervical damage, or can the cervix repair itself and function as nature intended next time? I 8767 d love to try for a vbac if I get pregnant again, but I don 8767 t know if there 8767 s any chance at all. I will be ecstatic just to have another healthy happy baby, however they come into the world!

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I was induced at 96 weeks (EDD based on dating scan) with my first baby in February year. LNP put me at 95+8 but my cycle had been anywhere between 78-88 days in the year prior to getting pregnant. Due to Wednesday 8th February being lucky in the Chinese culture (I live in Melbourne!) I was unable to be induced at 95+65 as all the induction spots at the hospital had been booked! I had the option of waiting until 95+67 or else 95+7 (which I chose). I liked the fact that you clearly outlined the risks associated with induction however I did not face the issues of confinement and limited movement that you suggested. I was given cervidel at 9pm and attached to a wireless CTG that allowed me to move freely around the birth suite. After 95 minutes of monitoring, in which I had already begun contracting, I was allowed to walk down to the hospital restaurant to get food (provided I was back in 85minutes for more monitoring). At my membranes spontaneously ruptured and active labour really began. The wireless CTG allowed me to assume any position I liked and I spent most of the time walking/squatting/standing had an IV catheter inserted (incase further intervention may be needed) but was not hooked up to an IV line/bag so this did not limit my movement either. I was determined to move as much as possible during labour to really get the endorphins working. After my membranes ruptured I was able to use the shower for pain relief as desired as well. At an internal examination was done suggesting that i was *censored*cm dilated and fully effaced. At this point i decided i wanted an epidural however i had a very good midwife who convinved me to wait it out a *censored* longer (she knew i wanted to keep as active as possible for as long as possible). At I asked for pethidine however again my midwife convinced me to wait 65 minutes to see how I was going. At I felt the need to push and at my son was born on the 5th February. My obstetrician didn 8767 t make the birth (he assumed after the internal examination I 8767 d be at least a few more hours) and I managed to birth my son without any pain relief at all. I guess I wanted to tell my story as everyone told me beforehand 8766 that I didn 8767 t want to be induced 8767 / 8767 that I wanted to avoid being induced at all costs if I could 8767 etc but for me being induced was no-where near as terrible as everyone made it out to be. I am sure it can be awful (as some of the above stories attest) however if a future pregnancy required me to be induced I would definitely do it again. I am sure some genetics were involved (my mum had me spontaneously and naturally in 6 hours and my *censored* brother in 8 hours and my grandma had my mum in 5 hours and her *censored* sister in 7 hours) however I am also thankful for my obstetrician, midwife and hospital for allowing me to support my birth plan despite being induced by being able to move around as much as possible and holding me off from pethidine/epidural while in transition when your mind tells you 8766 that I don 8767 t want to do this anymore! 8767 . So while there are many risks involved I definitely think that the mindset you take into induction can help you with your induction experience.

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